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Relationship Support ::  Help with Divorce

Are you unhappy with your long term relationship or marriage, or struggling to find the help with divorce you need? You might be:

How much of the following resonates?

"I've spent years in a relationship which is getting steadily worse, too scared to confront the truth." 

"We are staying together for the 'sake of the children' hoping things will improve. I can't see what else to do." 

"A split is about to happen but the legal, financial and emotional challenges of divorce are so overwhelming I won't be able to find the help I need - even if I could afford it."

"We're arguing in front of the children but won't it do more damage if we split?" 

It's often hard to confront the truth or ask for help. But those who do ask will find a way through, one which can put them back on track fast.  And we don't mean leaving it and leaving it and then passing the problem to the nearest divorce lawyer to deal with. If this still resonates, keep reading.

At Breakup Angels we're skilled at asking powerful questions in 1-1 coaching and mentoring telephone consultations and by e-mail which are designed to quickly uncover what's putting the dampener on your love and removing those things, so you can get back that 'loved up' feeling for your partner. 

If it's too late for that, we can:

  • Identify why you are struggling to extricate yourself from an unhappy relationship.
  • Help you discover your options and who else can help. 
  • Provide a valuable and safe place to offload anger and sadness, whilst helping map a route through. 

For those further down the path, we ask specific questions to rapidly help you to see what you could now be doing to open up possibilities for new relationships. 

Interested in finding out how we can help you? 


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